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Ankara Styles

15 Style ideas for Ankara jackets (pt.1)



Ankara Jackets are beautiful Ankara styles that every classic lady should have in their closet. Ankara Jackets are very beautiful and the perfect outfit to rock with your jeans skirt and trousers or any other kind of English wears.

There are so many ways you can design Ankara jackets, all you have to do is to look for a talented fashion designer to design the best Ankara jackets for you. Ankara has become one of the famous African fabrics that is known by all, it is one of the fabrics that everyone should have in their wardrobe not just for traditional occasions but also for day to day outings, this is because you can be able to make a casual dress with an Ankara fabric, it might be work clothes, lunch date outfit and even dinner date outfits.

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Ankara jackets are one of the casual styles that a person can wear to any kind of occasion. These jackets are very comfortable to wear because all you have to do is layer them on top of the outfit you are wearing.

You can decide to wear a short Ankara jacket or a long Ankara jacket depending on what you are wearing it with.

Below are 30 beautiful Ankara jackets for you Ladies.

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Ankara Styles

10 Amazing Ankara short gowns; a must have



Ladies, your appearance matters a lot wherever you want to go, be it wedding, seminars, religious services, traditional engagement etc, how you look tells a lot about you.

As a ladies getting good attention from people will be as good as you’re dressed.

If you are a lady and want to get that good attention and respect from people than dress well.

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Dressing well doesn’t mean putting on an oversized dress but putting on well fitting dress that suit your body type. We have different types of clothes for ladies, there are official suits, dresses, skirts and tops. Ladies choose your dressing code according to your body type.

Ankara dresses are the ones taking up the fashion industry, each woman is striving to have this type of dressing code in her wardrobe. All the different functions we attend require us to put on different types of clothes. Ankara materials come in different types for example, floral, plain and other ones.

Today I have sampled many different types of Ankara dresses, have a look at them and share the article to your friends.

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Ankara Styles

10 Ankara short gowns styles for ladies with ‘hot’ legs (photos)



Are you looking forward to being the centre of attraction with a simple yet classy outfit. Well you’re at the right place. Below are hot, saucy and adorable short gowns to play with.

Back then Ankara was considered as nothing other than a piece of clothe used by mother’s to wrap their babies or sew big blouses and gowns for older women.

But that is no longer so as Ankara has gotten it’s way into not just the heart of Africans but foreigners too through it’s creative and awesome designs, durability, and the ability to create awesome outfits with it.

To prove how the fabric is hot and yummy, there is no occasion matter how classy it is that Ankara won’t surpass other fabrics.

Short gowns is one of the most perfect and beautiful outfits that’s created from the Ankara fabric. It’s easy to sew, wash, maintain and also blends with almost all occasion with great comfort.

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Below are hot styles to be the centre of attraction this month

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive, no matter how young or old she is. But that can never be achieved if you haven’t made that huge decision to look good not minding the time and money you invest in it.

There’s still time to play so far as you’re alive. Dumping that money into your account or on feeding alone doesn’t show how buoyant and large your pocket is, as dressing good is one of the most obvious way of showcasing how loaded you are.

Permit me to be your fashion plug and you’ll have no regrets. Simply click on the follow button to stay updated always. Don’t forget to share to your friends and even your enemies so they’ll look good too and most importantly drop how you feel about the styles on the comment section.


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