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2 Things Men Need To Stop To Avoid Prostrate Cancer



Like many say health is wealth. Once you’re healthy you will spend less in paying hospital bills. However, that comes with a lot of responsibility and discipline from your side.

You are what you eat – what you eat will definitely show up one day and to maintain healthy lifestyle you abstain certain kinds of foods especially for the male folks.

Prevention is better than cure, and this is why we have to look out for things that are capable of causing harm to our health. By so doing, we will be able to stay at alert and save ourselves from falling sick.

Well, this article is centered on the male gender because, they are the people who are prone to suffer from prostatic carcinoma as they grow older.

This is a case where the prostrate gets an inflammation due to an infection of the prostrate glands. The prostrate glands are however, responsible for the secretion of seminal fluids in men.

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Prostatic carcinoma is another name for prostrate cancer, and it occurs in men who are above the age of 50. Most of the things which men eat help to trigger this disease hence, this article brings about 2 things which they should stop taking to avoid it.

1. Most men love to take alcohol which does not seem to go down well with the prostrate glands. Heavy drinkers are mostly at risk of getting this disease.

Drinks that contain alcohol like beer are capable of damaging the prostrate thereby, causing infections which can grow into malignant cells.

Men are however, advised to take drinks like fruit juice, non alcoholic wines and the rest to stay away from this dreaded disease.

2. Another thing which men should stop taking is red and processesd meat. A large portion of foods which we eat these days go with red meat, and it is one of the major causes of prostrate cancer in men.

Red meat contain a carcinogenic substance known as heterocyclic amines (HCA) and they are formed when these meats are cooked, fried, boiled or even grilled.

This is to say that red and processed meat which can be made in form of pepper soup too, is not healthy for the prostrate glands because, they are capable of causing the glands to suffer from cancer.

Examples include hot dog, beef, pork etc. However, poultry meat such as turkey, chicken, or even fish are recommended for them.

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Men, eat these foods before you make love with your wife – Expert



Physical intimacy can leave you and your spouse drained, but incredibly gratified. In other words, if you wish to replicate your performance, you’ll need restorative or stamina meals.

However, before making love, eat these foods to improve your energy levels and replenish your body.


1. Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits. As it helps to relax the blood vessels, eating slices of watermelon will allow you to become more stimulated. You can consume it before engaging in an intimate act because it includes citrulline which helps to stimulate and increase your mood.

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2. Red wine

Drinking wine has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and a more youthful appearance. But wine can also improve s£×ual excitement because it stimulates blood flow to the genitals.


3. Apple

Before intimacy, eat an apple to decrease foul breath and remove food particles from your teeth. An apple a day also helps to keep your mouth clean and prevent mouth odour.


4. Ginger

Ginger is finest consumed when combined with lime juice. Drinking a ginger lemon mocktail promotes blood circulation throughout the body, notably in the genitals. Aside from increasing libido, ginger is also aphrodisiac.


5. Seafood

Crabs, crayfish, oysters, and prawns are wonderful for increasing serotonin levels in the brain, which will improve your bedroom desire. Get in the mood for a night out with your partner by eating these dishes. As for the fishy breath, try to eat an apple to get rid of it.


6. Banana

Having an intimate experience cut short by cramps is a common occurrence. However, if you want to avoid muscle cramps or spasms while making love, eat a banana and drink plenty of water before getting down with your partner.


7. Beef

Reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by eating lean red meat and beef. Defensive consumption of beef is an excellent approach to boost iron, protein, and zinc levels.

Source: According to the authors of a study published in Urology, Medical Science Today.

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Decor inspirations for traditional and white wedding (photos) 



Creativity and knowing the right color combination are among the skills which a good decorator must possess.

In Nigeria, weddings usually take place during the weekend because lots of people tend to attend the occasion during this period.

However, it is important to hire a professional to do the job because he/she knows the perfect decor design that will beautify your venue.

A good decoration gives your wedding venue an exquisite look, it also creates a beautiful mental picture in the mind of the guests, making the whole experience a pleasant one.

To a certain extent, the decor designs should represent the personality of both couples, which means that the idea for the decoration should be borrowed from both the bride and the groom. This goes a long way to maintain balance and beauty at the wedding venue.

In this article, I will be showing you beautiful decoration ideas for both traditional and white weddings.


1. Traditional wedding

Nigeria has different ethnic groups, so the whole idea of traditional marriage decoration should be done according to the tribe. My question is, ‘what if the couples are from different tribes?’ In this case, proper arrangements should be made to represent both tribes in the decoration.

It is important to note that traditional materials such as clothing, cups, calabashes etc should be included in the decoration. This ensures that the culture of the tribe which both couples hail from are represented.


2. White wedding

Nigerian white wedding decoration has greatly improved over the years, thanks to the internet and creativity. Flowers and light colored materials should be used for wedding decorations because it depicts purity and love, it also gives the venue a picturesque background.

Good lightening condition also helps to give the venue an impressive look. Furthermore, multicolored LED lightening and bright flowers should be included because they’re important. However, the color ‘red’ should not be overused because it’s very sensitive.

Lastly, the services of professional decorators are greatly required as they have what it takes to make your wedding a memorable one with their designs. Don’t hesitate to share this post across, also like and follow us for more.

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