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Actress Eniola Badmus Gets Into Trouble With Fans For Loving Bola Tinubu And His Wife, Remi Tinubu



Actress Eniola Badmus gets into trouble with fans for loving Bola Tinubu and his wife, Remi Tinubu

Eniola Badmus, a popular Nollywood actress, has come under fire for her support of presidential hopeful, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his wife, Remi Tinubu, who are running for the presidency.


“My people” was the comment that the actress posted with the couple’s votes when she was vacationing in Dallas, Texas.

Despite this, Eniola Badmus has decided to close the comment section in order to prevent trolling.


Count on Nigerians to flood her new posts.

As soon as Eniola Badmus posted a gorgeous picture of Dallas in a follow-up post, the comment area was inundated with hostile comments.


anniebillins : Na dat view go kee u DER

dicksonsandra4 : Why didn’t you open your comment section in that your comment section in that your people you posted you for open it nah


officialedobabe101 : U for no lock am na….Awon alatenu oshi, role model isonu

ebuka_julius1 : Them don give small 💰 u don dey post nonsense


mr_smart3t : View kpai your papa…that ur end SARS pictures and videos will give u sleepless night, you orobo bat

georgetrait6772 : Yeye person I be like I I just dislike u now later u na go comot side do do protest form say u na innocence


Shannonmegalin : You r a big disappointment to Nigerian youths I wonder how much pa Tinubu n his son Seyi paid you

horlarsheni_ice : Werey u dey yankee here come dey enjoy dey show view.. Werey y u no do it your for naija


This isn’t the first time, Eniola Badmus has received insults from angry Nigerians.

The9jafresh recalls Eniola Badmus who had been adjudged as one of the sexiest (if not the sexiest) Nigerian celebrities by public polls suddenly became the most hated Nigerian in a twinkle of an eye, following her public declaration for Bola Tinubu, one of the presidential aspirants for the 2023 general elections.


The former chubby now curvy actress, Eniola Badmus made the public declaration on blogger Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page while responding to a poll and the act did not sit well with many of her followers.

Many of them placed cures on her and called her all sorts of unprintable names.

Eniola Badmus gets into trouble,Eniola Badmus gets into trouble,Eniola Badmus gets into trouble

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