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Alexx Ekubo in leaked audio



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An audio recording of a phone conversation between Nollywood actor Alexx Ekubo and his fiancee, Fancy Acholonu, has been leaked online.

In the audio Alexx Ekubo said he is a calculative person and doesn’t make mistakes. However, he is not happy about the whole thing that is happening.


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Listen to the audio below:


Reactions to the audio

After listening to the audio and hearing Alexx’s side of the story, Netizens react:

I was listening until I heard “I have other calls waiting”, huh??? 😢… getting married to a guy who speaks to you in this manner is a gateway to seeing premium shege. This babe deserves better abeg!


When a man starts talking this way, kindly free him!!!! A man that still has feelings for you will never talk to you in this condescending manner. Its obvious the guy has moved on, I advice she does same through which ever way gives her peace.

You publicly end your marriage with a public figure, you insinuate he is gay and set him up for endless drags…then you want to go back and expect him to take you with open arms. People are bashing him for saying he is calculative, obviously she ISN’T. Or else she will know that what she was trying to do makes no sense. Once you get to the point of publicly ending an engagement, my sister NEVER look back. Even if he was Lord and Saviour. People should be more calculative before they put out anything on the Internet….even when you want to “tell your truth”. Make sure that’s your final truth o. E get why… Someone that was quiet when you set him up for drags, you want him to make a post on his page defending you. Lmao! Some people will still come and tell me she is an American as per America gives people special intelligence.


So he actually knew about the post and even edited it? She the way he is talking to her sef, Kai the lady really saw shege no be lie.

If Alex comes out to say his part. Table fit break o hmmm the way it is Fancy did the post to please Alex and obviously he didn’t care enough then she became upset . But why did she make it look like Alex typed the post and posted it himself


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This girl too love Alex that’s the thing . Well as for me if Alex still ask me out I go gree marry am .


He talks too much for a man!
And e don do abeg!!! We no fit use pass 1 week for this matter oo☹️allow us more on plixxx it’s a new week

it’s a pity you lots have chosen a side, from that convo, she asked alex to make a post on his page which he blatantly refused and he told her. Why embarrass me in public and you want to apologise to me in private… you dey ment???? For making that breakup post in the first place it’s over, over!! She is the one that is manipulative obviously!


This was all her end and she was claiming it was him 😂😂 so she was the one. Women!!! Change this is 2023 he sound so stressed you’ve stressed him way too much let it go

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At least we can finally bear that Fancy didn’t lie that he was the one that asked her to post the apology. Alex is very manipulative. Recording a phone conversation, being careful about what he’s saying and not letting the girl to speak. God forbid!


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