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‘Any man who truly loves you, will borrow money to marry you without stories’ – Christabel Egbenya



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Nigerian actress Christabel Egbenya has advised single ladies on how to know if their man is serious about settling down with them.

The newly married mother of one via her YouTube channel stated that when a man is in love with a lady, and intends marriage, he goes as far as taking loans to achieve his dreams.


According to the actress:

One of my fans asked how I know my boyfriend is serious and would want to marry me, because he has been telling me stories for years,” she explained. The year is coming to an end, and he had promised to visit my people in December. Now he’s saying that something happened, this and that…and I saw him spend a lot of money.


When a man wants to marry you, he will not put you off. Men know what they want, and when they see it, they act on it. I am speaking the truth to you. A man who is madly in love with you and desperately wants to marry you will not waste time. He’ll even borrow money if necessary.

He may or may not tell you. If he’s telling you stories, or you suspect he’s telling you stories, he may still be interested in learning more about you. Maybe he doesn’t like some of your attitudes or personality. So, if he truly wants to marry you, money should not be an issue. These guys are only interested in wasting your time.


See her speaks below:


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