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BBTitans: ‘Yemi, not my type’, Khosi breaks days after intimacy



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Big Brother Titans housemate, Khosi, has declared her intentions with housemate Yemi.

The housemates who had been intimate and had shown their mutual interests since the show started seem to have drifted apart since the new housemates joined.


The male housemate who is known for his ‘play boy’ role has shifted attention to a female housemate, Blue Avia. He has also been linked to other female housemates like Yaya, and others.

While having a discussion with Theo Tew, Khosi said Yemi is boring and doesn’t engage in conversations. She said the male housemate is not her type.


She said the male housemate made her feel embarrassed because of the little time they were together as friends. She said Yemi is showing who he really is.

The South African said, “Yemi is attractive but he’s not my type and is not someone I would date outside. He has a boring personality, there was always nothing to talk about. He doesn’t know how to have deep conversations.


“I don’t have a problem with Yemi and Blue, but I’m embarrassed with what’s happening even though I don’t care.

“He’s showing his true colours, that he’s an asshole and very inconsiderate. Now everyone is asking If I’m okay and feeling sorry for me.”


The duo had been caught kissing days into the season.

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