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Bread of life: Wedding guests in shock as they receive bread as souvenir



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Guests at a wedding that recently took place could not contain their shock when they were presented with ‘Agege bread’ as souvenirs at the wedding reception.

The . posted on Instagram by Linda Ikeji’s blog showed professionally-dressed waiters moving around with carts filled with the loaves of bread named Divine Agege Bread (Special Edition).


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The guests were also shown wallowing in their shock as they received the loaves of bread at the wedding.


View the . below:

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The clip has caused a lot of reactions online, many of them hilarious, as people showed support for the choice of party favour. Like @Like____felicity said said, “Make sense, hunger dey abeg na to smuggle like 5loaves comot😂😂😂😂.”


High_chenna also wrote, “Fry egg with indomie seasoning and put it inside 😩🥺”, and @Obia_nuju_ added: “😂😂😂 I’ll come to this wedding and I’ll change seats till I pack plenty bread home.”

When will you get married: Nigerians give hilarious responses


In other marriage-related news, Nigerians on social media have given hilarious responses to a question about why they’re not married yet.

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Twitter influencer, Hauwa, asked her followers to come up with savage responses she could give when asked why she’s still single.

She said her younger brother was getting married, and she’ll need an instant response to fire back at busybodies aunties who might want to ask her silly questions regarding marriage.


As expected, Nigerians didn’t disappoint; they flooded the comments section with hilarious responses, of which compiled a list of some interesting reactions.


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