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Caroline Danjuma Dragged For Claiming To Be 34yrs After Saying She Was 45yrs On RHOL



Actress Caroline Danjuma has been dragged for claiming to be 34yrs after saying she was 45yrs on Real Housewives Of Lagos a few weeks ago.

Caroline Danjuma during the show claimed she was 45yrs but then in a new post appreciating God for all that He has done for her claimed to be 34yrs and some netizens have dragged over that as they remind her of what she said on the reality show.


Some even went far back to the days she was acting as they compare their age back then to their recent age wondering if Caroline Danjuma is trying to say that she was a teenager when she was acting back in the days and she’s now 34yrs.

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Caroline Danjuma might be meaning to say the photo she shared was taken on her 34th birthday, but how she put it made most people conclude that she will be 34yrs on the 26th of June and that’s quite unbelievable because she once claimed to be 45yrs.


It has been an amazing 34yrs on earth .. still Gods favorite baby .. my Angel has resigned sooo many times yet can’t stop guiding me 🤣.. now I can feel it all and I can’t stop thanking God with tears and songs of praises .. he anointed my head with oil and my cup runneth .. they have tried to tell my story but each time God the author rewrites it .. my week of praises .. sooo thankful , so grateful .. 26th June I add another beautiful year full of divine breakthroughs orchestrated by God . To you all that have supported and keep supporting me , you have no clue how motivating that is .. just me sitting here and crying cause the love is overwhelming..

post below;

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