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Count your blessings – Singer Spyro pays visit to old neighborhood before blowing



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Spyro, a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose real name is Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, recently revisited his former neighbourhood where he lived before achieving fame.


On Tuesday 16th of May, the artist posted a . on Instagram documenting his trip back. He said the purpose of his visit was to reconnect with his past, reminisce about his experiences, and appreciate the blessings he has received.

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Popularly known for his hit song “Who’s Your Guy,” Spyro encouraged people not to judge themselves based on their current circumstances, emphasizing that everyone is a work in progress.

In the ., Spyro revealed that the house he visited was the first place he stayed when he came to Lagos to pursue his dreams. He drove to the area and completed the remaining distance on foot, showing his fans the small room he once occupied.


Spyro also recounted how he and his mother approached the landlord of the building to ask to pay their rent in two instalments.

The musician expressed his profound gratitude to God for transforming his life.


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