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Cubana Club Shooting: DJ Obi Insists The Married Woman Lied On Burna Boy



Cubana Club Shooting: DJ Obi insists the married woman lied on Burna Boy

Obinna Levi Ajuonuma, also known as DJ Obi, is a Nigerian disc jockey who believes the married woman who claimed she was assaulted by Burna Boy’s bodyguards is lying.


According to The9jafresh, two people were shot by Burna Boy’s security team on June 8 at Cubana’s club.

They were assaulted by the singer’s security because they confronted him about one of the men’s wives.


One of the married women in the thick of it all named Briella revealed that she took time out to recover and digest what happened to her partner and her best friend’s spouse, both of whom were hospitalized.

She recalled how they were celebrating a childhood friend’s wedding at Obi Cubana’s club in Lagos at 3am when the tragic occurrence occurred.


When Burna Boy and his pals came in, one of them approached her and they were all having a nice time.

Her buddy contacted her and asked if she wanted to meet the artist, but she declined since she informed him she was married.


Things got out of hand after the third go-round, when everything erupted.

Burna Boy’s friend allegedly attacked one of their friends and this situation degenerated and turned into a fight.


The married woman lied to Burna Boy, said DJ Obi in response to the whole situation.

According to him, Burna Boy will never talk to another man’s woman, and there is no woman born of a woman who is entitled to that.


“The biggest lie of 2022 is when I heard that BURNA BOY tried to talk to another man’s woman. That was where that whole story lost me. There is no woman born of a woman that has that privilege. And not even once but THREE times?! 😂😂😂 FAT LIE!”. DJ Obi wrote.

DJ Obi insists

DJ Obi insists,DJ Obi insistss

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