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Daddy don’t sleep: Pretty baby girl prevents her father from getting some rest at night



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A hilarious . of a baby girl who went all out to disturb her dad at night has got many people on social media laughing.


In the TikTok . shared by @bobrootman, the little girl’s father was trying to catch some sleep after a long day at work.

However, his adorable baby girl had other plans, as she ensured she disturbed her dad until he woke up to look at her.


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The baby knew exactly what to do to wake her dad. She gave him numerous kisses on his lips until he woke up and paid attention to his little princess.


After she completed her mission, the 5-months-old baby was full of smiles for an excellent job while her dad frowned his face.

While reacting to the cute ., many netizens rushed to the comments section to adore the beautiful baby girl.


One @Mary Bakare said, “She definitely understood the assignment, while some other netizens said the baby is good-looking and has cute eyes.


My daughter always up in my face ? each time am trying to get some sleep ? #mybaby @blessingnosakhare


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Man Who Wants Intimate Moment With Wife Tells Baby He Wants To Pray With Mum

In related news, a funny . of a man who wanted to have a good time with his wife, but his baby won’t sleep stirred reactions on social media.

In the TikTok ., the man begged the little baby to sleep as he wanted to ‘pray’ with his wife. It was clear that the man wanted to have a good time with his wife, but the baby wasn’t ready to sleep.


The ., posted by @waxi_billion, was captioned, “11pm, I want to pray with her mum and this little creature won’t sleep. The Bible says we should pray without season. You gerrit? If you don’t gerrit forget abourrit.”