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Davido is dragging an Italian show promoter who refused to pay his show’s debt. – Suga News



Davido, a Nigerian singer, resorted to social media last night to criticize a show promoter who broke their agreement and failed to pay him before the performance.


Davido said in a post on his Instagram Stories that show organisers sold out the performance he was engaged to perform but refused to pay him the remaining balance.

He did say, though, that the event will go on because of the people who had spent their last money on tickets to see him play.


To stay up and deliver spectacular events for our fans, we overwork our bodies, sweat, and tears on a daily basis… only for others to take our hard work and craft for granted… I fly private 90% of the time, but due to logistical complications, we were unable to obtain a landing permit in time, so I had to take nearly three connecting flights to arrive. When we arrived, we discovered that the promoter had failed to fulfill his own half of the arrangement.

He squanders thousands of tickets yet refuses to pay me!


Normally, if there isn’t a BALANCE, there isn’t a SHOW.

I’ve been waiting at the hotel for the past four hours.


I’m looking for cash or a wire transfer… still nothing!!

I’m aware of how many folks spent their last dollar.


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