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DJ Cruz: Why I went back to school



Many artists around the world struggle to stay in school or return to classes, especially after experiencing success and/or stardom in the entertainment industry.


The opposite is true for aspiring disc jockey Olawale Adebanjo, aka DJ Cruz.

He stated in an interview with Saturday Beats that he returned to school to better equip himself. “Because of financial constraints, I was unable to continue my secondary education, so I resorted to training myself at home and acquiring basic knowledge, while putting my all into my deejaying career,” he explained.


Adele takes a break from music to pursue a degree.

“However, now that I’ve established my career, I’m working hard to get a degree.” Education is important to me, and earning a degree has always been a goal of mine.”


The DJ also mentioned that, in addition to studying, he is working on a series of mixtapes. “I’m working on new mixtapes and also collaborating with some artists,” he explained. I plan to release new singles and, hopefully, an Extended Play album in the first quarter of 2023.”

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