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Donald Duke reveals that the childhood picture used as Bola Tinubu in his documentary is his



Former Governor of Cross Rivers State, Donald Duke , has revealed that the childhood picture used as Bola Tinubu in his documentary is his picture !

Naija News NG reports that Donald Duke said he took the picture when he was 12 years old during his days as student in Federal Government College, Sokoto .


He said : “I am the boy in the picture, not Tinubu as they claimed in their documentaries. That photo was taken when I was 12 years old during my school years at the Federal Government College Sokoto, in Sokoto State”

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Reacting, Nigerians wondered what part of Bola Tinubu’s identity is real. Some asked if he can’t produce a single photo of himself as a young lad . Read their words below :


Olaudah Equiano®
Question for Bola Tinubu’s supporters:
What is it that makes you support a man whose entire life is built on lies, whose source of wealth is shrouded in mystery and allegations of grand and ongoing corruption, and whose health and mental cognition is failing?👂🏿



Rinu Oduala 🔥🔫 @SavvyRinu
You mean APC stole Donald Duke’s picture and used it in a documentary for Tinubu?
Vote APC Out next year!

Ilemona :
I don’t think many people realize how bad Bola Tinubu stealing a young Donald Duke’s photograph is. Does he not have a childhood to which he can refer and of which there is picture evidence?
Tinubu could have used any of his pictures but he wanted a picture of a young person to prove he had a proven past. So he stole a picture of someone else.


The question is WHY? What is he hiding? Why is he unable to show evidence of his childhood?

HMU Technonolgies
It’s not funny at all… That a man who claims to be real, has no send of picture from his youth as he was going to the USA… those pictures from the time, were as standard as passport photographs…


How do you steal someone else’s existence?
Seyi Tinubu overseeing all this shows the level of his greed and selfishness….All those friends of his because he feed you crumbs, and choose not to call him out are also complicit in the destruction and infantilisation of Nigerians…

Ifeabunike Chukwudi @Ifeabunike
For them to go ahead and also use it on thr website is quite telling of their motive for identity theft. He could have used any current picture but chose that to pass a message that he has a ‘verifiable’ past


Yemi Webmaster
He stole Donald Duke’s picture?

Well, Duke should be happy it’s only a picture he stole.


After all, his entire identity was stolen from someone else.

Eagle Eyed
I was shocked when I saw Donald Duke’s tweet highlighting the picture. I was like, ” what won’t this man steal?”.


Red Cap Chief @007burch
My problem is that he went for our most handsome politician, when he knows where he falls in this category.

Labour Party Support
One day! One goof! Now it has come to faking with Donald Dukes picture as a young Bola Tinubu. Does Reno Omokri and Festus Keyamo also have explanation for this one.


We’re tired 😭

David Hundeyin @DavidHundeyin
How hilarious is it that
‘s documentary on Bola Tinubu which had a budget of $0 had about 35x the production quality of @TVCconnect
‘s reactionary propaganda trash which labelled Donald Duke’s photo as Tinubu?
And someone definitely got paid MILLIONS for it!


Prof™ @OOlusore
Bola Tinubu’s Criminality has gotten to the point of stealing Donald Duke’s Childhood Picture.

Some Agbado Boys and Girls will still defend this act.


May you all receive SENSE!

A Distinguished Field Marshal ⚡️
We need to find out who the real Bola Tinubu was and how she died. Someone must remember her in the US or Nigeria.


Aji Bussu Onye Mpiawa azụ 🇨🇮
Sadly, nobody (children and wife inclusive) around Bola Tinubu cares about his mental health and wellness, they are only interested in the perks that come with him being President. How these people are comfortable seeing this man consistently embarrass himself is heartbreaking.



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