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During a seminar on Genotype,a doctor reveals that a member’s child may not be his,causing chaos in the church – Suga News



his Twitter page, a Twitter user posted an interesting account of how his church turned chaotic after a doctor who was invited to give a lecture on Genotypes publicly disclosed that a church member’s daughter might not be his.


A church member had asked the doctor why his daughter is SS when his genotype is AA and his wife’s is AS, according to the Twitter user Ibukun Aluko. The doctor responded by claiming that the daughter was not his, causing chaos in the chapel.

The Twitter user wrote,


“I love the way my church focused invited a doctor to come and talk on Genotype today instead of the usual preaching. One member asked why he’s AA and his wife is AS and their daughter is SS. Doctor said the daughter isn’t his own, church don scatter like this”

A Twitter user recently generated a wide range of reactions after she described how a woman’s genotype mysteriously changed to AA.

The woman whose genotype mysteriously altered is her friend’s girlfriend, according to the lady named as Beulah on the microblogging network.


The genotype of my guy’s girlfriend has mysteriously changed to AA. I’ve been yelling at the top of my lungs.” She used Twitter.

Many social media users flocked to the comments section to express their shock. A Twitter user suggested that the woman take numerous tests to see if her genotype had miraculously changed.


“She repeated the tests numerous times in different laboratories over the course of a month.”

Beulah answered.


“As a laboratory personnel, kindly use a government laboratory and a respected private laboratory, God is not an author of confusion,” another Twitter user commented.

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