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“Elesin Oba is for the deep thinkers”- Bukunmi Oluwashina blast those criticizing the movie



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Nigerian actress Bukunmi Oluwashina has dragged those criticizing the movie Eleshin Oba as not a good movie.

Bukunmi Oluwashina in one of her recent posts emphasized that Eleshin Oba is for the people that think deeply not for people that are intellectually declined.


See her speak below:

Sher caption the . with:

Nigerians 🇳🇬, You can do better. 💔 NOTE: Nobody said you can’t criticize a work of art to help people know how to do better, Cos criticism is part of the theater. But not entirely calling all the cast and crew efforts a “Trash” not even commending the the good part of it. So this . is not for the people criticising the movie for the bad side, And also commending the good part. Cos Criticism talks about both good and bad sides. This . is for those calling the entire movie a TRASH. 💔


Another question, Have you read The king’s horse men, by Wole soyinka? Do you even understand the movie you are criticising??? Sad. 🤦‍♀️. Hnmmmm.

Would however like to appreciate and commend both cast and crew of Elesin Oba, On behalf of the current and pending literature students. Most of us got forced to read some of Wole soyinka’s books. Because it’s always too hard for us to comprehend and we sometimes get bored in the process


But they made His books compulsory for all literature student. I never knew why, Until today. They wanted us to learn the act of paying attention to details and the dept of the interpretation of every work of art. Now some won’t have to go though that stress again cos we already have the movie called “ELESHIN OBA” Wish now helps to understand it better while reading. Criticise that movie all you want, In decades and many years
to come, Your kids and great great grand kids would still look for that movie to See, Cos it would help them one way or the other, If literature is in their line of study.
Not a 10/10, But still a beautiful work of art.




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