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Erica of BBNaija reacts to a video of Basketmouth questioning her N400 million AMVCA gown. – Suga News



Erica, a BBnaija reality show star, has replied to a video of Basketmouth and his colleague chatting to the AMVCA about her appearance, claiming that her dress cost N400 million.


BBNaija’s Erica looked stunning in her attire, which became the center of conversation on social media, and Basketmouth and his friend decided to make a joke out of it, disbelieving Erica’s claim that she wore the entire home to the AMVCA.

The exact amount involved is unknown, but Basketmouth overstated Erica’s appearance to the AMVCA to the tune of N400M, implying that she put on a complete house for the show, and the sarcasm in the film made it incredibly humorous, which you will watch over and over.


Erica’s reaction to this seemed perplexed as to what is going on in the video, but her admirers were ecstatic that her looks made it into a comedy sketch, implying that they are going viral, which is all that counts to them.

Erica’s followers have done a lot for her, and while we doubt her looks are worth N400M, we believe it is—looking at how it was designed and knowing how much her people like her, we believe it wont be surprise if some of them came together to give her such a gorgeous dress to the AMVCA.



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