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Feed your eyes on South Africa’s fashion icon, Kefilwe Mabote stunning outfits (photos) 



Kefilwe Mabote is famously regarded award_winning South African fashion influencer who is fine respected for embodying her impeccable fashion choice.


Her beauty is out of the planet. She is one of the most popular South African trustworthy fashion influencer. She is considered to be one of the most attractive female in the world.

She has received a considerable number of admirers for her beauty and grace in public. She is breathtakingly pretty female who enhance the look of all she is involved in.


The beautiful and classy female was brought into the world on tenth of April 1989 in Soweto.

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She has enrolled and graduate for Business communication in Accounting with University of South Africa. She is regarded as the pioneer in the Fashion in the world.

Her profession covers Model, Lifestyle Blogger, brand influencer and a businesswoman. She is intelligent and and clever enough to make her existence more effective. She has a brilliant destiny in advance of her. She is working very hard to reap fresh fruits of her hard labour.


The stylish beauty queen has moved from the unique styling services to the digital influencing side, Kefilwe’s brand is known for distinguishing elegance.

Her mission with her digital and style profession is to leave a global mark. She is multi-award winner including being awarded for South African style award winner for social media 2017, Glamour digital influencer of the year 2018 and cosmopolitan best lifestyle influencer award winner 2019.


Her fashion is superb as she combines and matches different materials and jewellery to create her elegant look.

She is astonishing and delightful individual with great qualities of appearance and expression. She is objective female who is determined and appreciating person and truly brave enough to deal with life on her own way. She is is considered to be available to all youngsters in Mzanzi who wish to achieve their ambitions.



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