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For Christian Ladies, These Beautiful Gowns Should Be Must-haves For Church Events (photos) 



Sundays are beautiful, full of fun and rest, isn’t it?


Most of us like it when it’s weekend, it is that time of the week for refreshment, celebration and also a time and communion with God. It gives Christians opportunity to communicate, fellowship and worship God.

But getting ready for Sunday service can be difficult without the right dress, especially for ladies, you know what I am talking about”the dress to wear can be a whole new work for you and also the jewelry and accessories.


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Many often see Formal wear for just work days only, it is also applicable for formal occasions, such as weddings, christenings, confirmations, funerals, Easter and Christmas traditions,what only matter is the code of dressing of the occasion or organization.


One of the key to nailing a formal look is by dressing for the occasion and venue. Believe it or not, there are different types of events and what you might wear to one might not fit in at another.

in order not to waste time and effort on what to wear for church service these outfit ideas are sure to leave you feeling inspired all day long. Here’s how to wear corporate attire for women.


Short lace gown with a touch of peach sandals will make a great statement.

If your choice is skirt and blouse,slay it with your head held high.


One good thing about corporate fashion is that it can serve many purposes such as dinner night,functions and religious activities.

Wow, your friends and loved ones with a creative dress that will make all jaw drop.


Wear something unique and comfortable.

You can also try floral prints with a fancy bag.


Let your dress speak elegance and sophistication.

you can inject personality into your wardrobe without worrying about appearing underdressed.


projects a polished and smart appearance, creating an excellent impression.

When it comes to colors, neutral hues, such as black, navy, and grey are ideal.


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