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Ghana to legalise homos*xuality soon – Report 



According to unconfirmed report, there are plans by the government of Ghana to legalise homos*xuality.

Advertisement quoting a journalist known as Captain Smart.

Whiles speaking on ONUA TV earlier this morning, Captain Smart wildly alleged that homos*xuality has been secretly legalized and Nana Addo is yet to officially announce to the general public.


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The award-winning journalist further added that all the civil society organizations in the country are quiet over the LGBTQI+ brouhaha because they have been told to shut up.


He went on to add that, Hon Dafianor has briefed him that the majority of members who are against the legalization of LGBT rights were strategically sent on diplomatic missions when it was time to present the ANTI-LGBTQI+ bill before parliament.

Captain Smart who seems to know more than all of us also accused lawyer Maurice Akoto Ampaw and NPP female chieftain, Madam Audrey of receiving monies from some members of the LGBTQI+ community to help them champion their course.


Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s cousin, Gabby Otchere Darko was also inculpated of helping the LGBTQI+ community behind the scenes after receiving a huge sum of money from an external body.

Captain Smart also lamented over the Christian Council’s sudden quietness over the issue after earlier leading the campaign against the legalization of LGBTQI+.


The grouchy #Fixthecountry lead member additionally dared the government to drop a press statement to criminalize homos*xuality if it hasn’t legalized the act without Ghanaians being fully aware.

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