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“He Has Zero Tolerance To Stress” Wizkid’s First Babymama, Shola Ogudugu Reveals How Bolu Handles Negative Vibes In School



“He has zero tolerance to stress” Wizkid’s first babymama, Shola Ogudugu reveals how Bolu handles negative vibes in school

Singer Wizkid’s first Babymama, Sola Ogudugu, has explained why her son, Boluwatife Balogun, quit his class group.


When asked by his mother why he quit the class group chat, the young man said it was due of the negative atmosphere.

“I am not really in the mood to dispute,” Bolu is quoted as saying in a viral video. “If you want to continue on – I mean, you may because like I said, there is power outage so whatever.” I’ve decided to leave the group since there are far too many negative sentiments in it.


Shared on her Instagram page on Sunday, Sola Ogudugu said that until recently she couldn’t comprehend why he left the group, but now she understands why he made the decision.

“Tife and his zero tolerance to stress! Yesterday He told me he left the zoom valss group cos he couldn’t deal…but I didn’t quite get it until this morning I found the video in the next slide whilst I was doing my usual phone check to be sure we are on par u get me? Lol. And you I cracked up so bad after [email protected]_tifebalogun why so angry?”.


According to The9jafresh, Chrisland School pupil Shola Ogudugu weighed in on the reported rape of a 10-year-old.

A month ago, Boluwatife Balogun, the first child of Wizkid and Shola, was selected for the World School Games in Dubai.


It turns out Shola’s son told her that the incident wasn’t a rape after all, and she was relieved to hear that.

Astonishment greeted Shola when Bolu recounted the incident to her, according to her.


His buddies’ movie was too much for him and he had to leave, so he explained to her.

He explained to his mother that they were participating in a game of truth or dare, and that one of the dares they were making was to bug people’s minds.


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