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Heartbroken man mobilizes friends to empty girlfriend’s pharmaceutical store after he caught her cheating



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To end his five-year relationship with his reportedly cheating girlfriend, a young man gathered his friends to clear her pharmaceutical store of all its content.

The incident which happened in Edo state was captured in a clip shared on social media.


The heartbroken man could be seen in the clip with a few of his friends packing items in the pharmaceutical store into a black thrash bag.

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A friend who shared details about the incident said the unnamed man had invested so much in his girlfriend, including opening the pharmaceutical store for her.

The friend said things took a different turn when the guy realised she was double dating.


For cheating, Man donates girlfriend’s possessions to charity

In a related news, to get back at his cheating girlfriend, a man has donated her belongings to charity.

According to his friend, Chamhoudini, who shared the story on Twitter, the man never confronted her when he discovered she cheated.Chamhoudini narrated that the man waited for his cheating girlfriend to go on a trip with her friends before gathering the items for donation.


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The man is also said to be moving out of the apartment he shared with her before her return.


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