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He’ll miss her: Little boy cries uncontrollably as househelp leaves for village, mum joins him



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Emotions flowed at a car park recently as a Nigerian mum and her son couldn’t hold back tears following the departure of their househelp.

The lady, her son and the househelp were spotted together in a TikTok . as they accompanied the maid to the park.


The little boy suddenly got emotionally overwhelmed as the househelp tries to bid the family farewell.

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He held on to her so tightly it took the help of his mum to get him away from her.

Even then, he became uncontrollable as he struggled his way back to the maid shedding a tear.


The short clip ends with further emotions as his mum who has been consoling him was overtaken with emotions.

She was seen shedding a tear herself as she watched her maid leave hoping she returns someday.


The emotional . got TikTokers teary as they commented with kind words for the trio.

@omotolani😍😍 wrote:
“If you treated her well she will surely come back”


@timmy white🥰 commented:
“This really got me emotionally…”

@barbieo33 said:
“Aww that’s how it should be she’s a human being too ,you all have a good relationship that humans being ought to have plus the load’s of work waiting”


@user6018699822398 wrote:
“I hope she comes back cos dis got me crying like a baby”

@SisiOlojuEde || The food Lover reacted:
“Look at me tearing up”


@Veronica Demi-Leons said:
“Awwww this got me teary, I pray she comes back”

@racheallove noted:
“It shows u are a good woman and she showed your boy unconditional love, kudos”


I miss her so much😩

♬ Beautiful People – chike


Little Nigerian boy calls out dad for not spending on family

In other news, a young Nigerian boy has in a . questioned his father’s financial commitment to his family.


The boy in a . in circulation called out his dad for spending on what he calls “meetings” instead of spending it on the family.

According to him, his dad buys chicken, tissue, drinks, and toothpicks for this social gathering.


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The lad who was supposedly venting his views about his father’s spending to someone behind the camera asked if the meeting is his family.


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