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He’s so hardworking: 14-year-old tiler apprentice goes viral in cute ., Nigerians promise to sponsor his education



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A 14-year-old boy learning the tiling trade from his skilled oga (employer) has found favour with Nigerians after a . of him working went viral.

A . of the boy named Jonathan was secretly captured by an Enugu-based female student, Orji Chidinma, who was amazed at his efforts.


Her initial . of Jonathan shared on TikTok got massive reactions from users who promised to support him should further information be provided.

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This prompted Chidinma to engage Jonathan in subsequent videos, asking him about his background and desire to go to school.

She also gave him some cash to support him even as he said he’d be handing the money over to his boss to help him keep it.


Asked if he trusts his boss well enough to keep his money, the teenager said the man is reliable as he has proven he can be trusted in previous occasions.

In another clip, Chidinma spoke with Jonathan’s oga noting that social media users who stumbled on Jonathan’s . have offered to help fund his education and would like that a bank account be opened in Jonathan’s name.


Jonathan in one of his few interactions with Chidinma revealed that he stays with his oga in Enugu where they work while his parents are in the village in Ebonyi.


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Little mechanic boy gets scholarship


Meanwhile, a little Nigerian boy named Mubarak Yusuf who became an internet sensation after a . of him went viral also found favour with a Nigerian man.

The man named, Cyprian Kendo, made his desire to help the kid known via his Twitter page on Friday, October 7, 2022.


Kendo who resides in Frankfurt in his post asked for help in locating Mubarak and promised to help the young lad with a scholarship.

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According to Kendo, a scholarship awaits him when the boy is found.


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