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How Nollywood Actress Ebube Nwagbo Inspired Us With Her Floral Outfits (photos)



Floral patterns are always in style and they can be paired and worn with any kind of clothing piece.


Floral print dresses are lovely outfits for sunny weather and ladies love it. Bright colors and floral prints always attract the youth and ladies perfectly wear them when going out and for night parties too.

When you look at clothes on people they often give gender cues and enhance masculinity or femininity and floral print enhance femininity a lot better.


Nollywoods actress, Ebube Nwagbo is known for her great fashion sense, and she has been seen wearing a variety of floral outfits.

Over time, Ebube has shown she has a great taste for fashion and also has the perfect body shape that helps bring out the beauty of any outfit which includes floral prints. Floral outfits are lovely and they can be worn in different ways.


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Floral prints can change your look in an instant with their brilliance and cheerful vibrancy. It is one trend that has remained consistent over the years and will most likely never go out of fashion.


As a result, you can be rest assured that your flowery ensembles will never go out of style. One rule you should bear in mind when picking your floral print is that there is never such as thing as too much colour when it comes to this fabric, so feel free to explore.

We spotted nice moments Ebube wore floral outfits and look stunning in them. Below are lovely moments she rocked floral outfits in different ways.


1. A chic long length dress will leave you feeling super feminine

2. Go head to toe in floral outfit


3. Rocking a long floral jacket is never a bad idea

4. Its hard not to love this flared gown


5. Anyone would look stunning in this Kimono

6. You can look formal in floral outfit


7. A touch of floral print isn’t a bad idea

8. Ankara fabrics with floral patterns rock too


9. Pair a floral patterned trouser with your top and get ready to slay

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