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How Style Icon, Nakitende Esther is inspiring our beautiful Plus-size ladies (photos) 



There is no reason why you should be body shamed, be bullied on social media or feel guilty with the type of your body shape.

You can still package yourself and looks wonderfully gorgeous by having the right outfits, make up, and fashion accessories.


As a lady, If you have been blessed with a voluptuous body, you should be showing it off, rather than hiding it behind frumpy ill-fitting clothes.

It’s nothing new that most plus sized women have no idea what to wear for their body because plus size clothing is one of the toughest to shop as there are very limited options.


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When buying plus size clothing, always be confident in yourself and, most importantly, believe that your size cannot stop you from looking glamorous.


40-year-old, Nakitende Esther is a style icon and she’s known for her curvy body and remarkably full hair. She’s one of the few stylish plus-sized lady who understands how to style different wear and still make them look chic. She’s good at picking nice outfits that compliment her body shape and keeps making statement on body positivity with her outfits

There are actually some simple tips and tricks that you can keep in mind when you are choosing clothes for your plus sized body. So ladies, keep these points in mind and you could have a wardrobe that will be the envy of several people.


1. For starters, take the time to figure out your exact size; this is extremely important because you need to always buy clothes that are the exact measurement. Too tight and you will feel constricted, too loose and you will look like you are floating in them.

2. Figure out what the best part of your body is and then look for clothes that will highlight it. Do you have a tiny waist, then look for dresses and tops that cinch in the waist giving you the perfect hourglass figure. If you have a gorgeous neck and a cleavage that is near perfection, look for outfits that will showcase those.


3. Rather than stocking up anything and everything you see, it would be wiser to create a wardrobe that has pieces that can be mixed and matched. So, pick two or three trousers in various colours, have a well fitting pair of jeans, look for tops that can be used for formal and casual wear and add accessories such as stoles, shrugs and jackets.

We spotted some nice outfits worn by Nakitende Esther and we thought we should share them with you so you may be inspired by her style. Here are style tips to learn from her.



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