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How you can style your Wrappers, Lace or Damask Outfits



Lace and damask outfits have become very popular in the fashion market, and you won’t look unique if you don’t add anything special to your own outfits.


There are so many ways to add more beauty to your appearance when you put on a lace or damask outfit, but that will not be discussed in this article. Instead, we will be focusing on how to add a wrapper to your lace or damask attire just to give you that beautiful and unique look.

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The wrapper added to your lace or damask attire does not have to be made of lace; it could be Ankara or chiffon however, you must ensure that the extra wrapper corresponds with the lace attire.

Here are two major ways to add the wrapper:


1. You can tie the wrapper around your waist

this is the most common method, popularly seen in several tribes in Nigeria. You need to be very skillful in doing this; other wise, you won’t be comfortable with the wrapper.



2. The wrapper could be placed on your shoulder or hand. This is another nice way of adding the wrapper. You will need to walk carefully if you decide to go with this method, otherwise the wrapper might fall off your shoulder.


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