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“I Am So Traumatized And Irritated” Actress Idia Aisien Cries Out To God Over A Nasty Experience



“I am so traumatized and irritated” Actress Idia Aisien cries out to God over a nasty experience

In the aftermath of an interaction she had on Tuesday the 22nd of June, Nollywood actress Idia Aisien is traumatized and upset.


When you gloat or talk down to someone, especially someone who has much more than you, you are bordering on illusion, according to Idia.

Idia said that if everyone in the globe was filled with bad energy, there would be no love left in the world.


“I am honestly so traumatized and irritated by an encounter I had yesterday….. Humility isn’t by force but when you boast/talk down to anyone (particularly someone who has much more than you), it’s really unfortunate cause it borders on delusion. If we all walked around with that negative energy, there’d be no love left in the world. Yuck!”.

According to Idia Aisien’s account, The9jafresh, she was presented with a Range Rover by a stranger she met on social media.


It was revealed on Stephanie Coker’s podcast that the man had been in touch with Idia via social media, and had collaborated with her friends and followers to surprise her.

The man surprised her with a Range Rover and a host of other goodies, including champagne, cake, flowers, and teddy bears for her children.


According to Idia, this was the first time she had received anything from a man.

Even when she was dating, she never received anything, according to her.


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