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“I don’t Want To Be Associated With People Like Olamide With Questionable Characters” – Temmie Ovwasa Reveals Ordeal With YBNL Boss, Olamie



Nigerian female singer and song writer, Temmie Ovwasa has revealed how things went wrong while he was under Olamide’s record label, YBNL.

The singer was once one of the brightest star ever produced by the record label between 2015 and 2020 but along the lines things went turned sour after she and the record label honcho had some disagreement.


The talented musician made this known in a recent question and answer session with her teeming on her social media handle on Instagram.

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During the session, one of her fans asked;

“Are you still in touch with Olamide?”


She replied saying she was treated like garbage by Olamide adding that after signing her Olamide rejected every show she got and also stopped her from releasing songs.

“That man brought me to Lagos from ilorin as an 18 yr old, put me on a platform then proceeded to reject every show I got, every offer I got, stopped me from releasing songs, kept me in his fucking house with his wife (who spoke to me like I was garbage in front of her friends) and kid in the name of “family”, Put my face on the wall, on an album where the “Men” were allowed to be people.


“He fucked my mind up then tried to compensate for it, I let shit die because I don’t enjoy talking to his minions or being associated with him.

“Why the fuck would I be in touch with him? Y’all see your idols and think everyone should worship them, but forget that they are REAL PEOPLE, capable of doing REAL THINGS.”


It didn’t end there as she answered another user who asked;

“Would you still love to do a collaboration or work with Olamide after the whole saga has been resov”


Read what she wrote below;

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