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“I Infected My Wife With HIV After Sleeping With 80 Women In Zambia” – Actor, Hanks Anuku Reveals 



After years of silence, ace Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku has dropped a bombshell.


The villian actor in a recent interview with Ghana’s City Fm Radio revealed that he contacted HIV after sleeping with 80 women.

According to a wire report, he got to discover his status after he was convinced by one of the women he slept with in Zambia to go to for an HIV test which came out positive.


He also revealed that he infected his wife with the deadly virus.

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“Life in Zambia was heaven on earth since we were able to enjoy life and go to different places, but I missed my family.” During that time, I engaged in a variety of s*xual activities and slept with a variety of women. When I returned home, I never looked after my family. He added, “I started drinking and became an irresponsible spouse, allowing my wife to shoulder the entire load.”

After his adventure, he became born again Christian and regrets all of his previous actions.


“One of my girlfriends told me about her pregnancy while I was in Zambia, so I got tested.” She had gone for pregnancy tests and was tested for HIV during that period, and the results were shocking: she was HIV positive. She compelled me to take the test, but I couldn’t accept the results. I returned to Zimbabwe after being tested and stayed quiet about the situation. I never mentioned the problem to my wife. I’m sorry I infected her. Later on, I underwent some counseling, which went well,” says the narrator.

Hanks claimed that his celebrity led him to do things he didn’t want to do.


“At the height of my popularity, I had s*x with around 80 ladies in Harare and Zambia.” Being on television in 2002 was incredible. I took advantage of my celebrity. To make matters worse, I lacked therapy and did not appropriately handle the situation.

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