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I want your time not money: Nigerian man shocked after girlfriend rejected N1million



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A Nigerian man was shocked to his bones when his girlfriend told him she preferred his attention to his money.

The Nigerian man, identified as Oluomo of Derby, shared on Twitter how he sent £1,000 (approximately N1 million) to his babe, but she turned it down.


He said he sent her the money because he had offended her and it was a way of placating her, but his girlfriend sent the money back to him.

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His UK-based girlfriend said she would only accept his presence and not his money, stressing that she wasn’t interested in his money but his time.

“Last year I pissed off a Nigerian babe in the UK. I sent her £1,000 to go and pamper herself and I also told her I was sorry for letting her down.


She sent back the money and told me it’s your time i need & not your money. Some Nigerian women are just top notch,” he wrote.

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Rejecting Money From Men Makes You Valuable To Them – Nigerian Lady Advises Women

Meanwhile, a lady named Jessie shared her opinion on how to win a man’s heart and respect and make a man appreciate a woman’s worth.

The Nigerian lady advised ladies to reject financial presents from men in order to get them to appreciate their essence more.


Jessie said declining a man’s monetary gift increases his respect for a woman and will spur him to do more another time.


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