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Igbo kwenu: Zambian couple turn heads with Igbo-themed traditional wedding



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Igbo culture was on full display in Zambia as a beautiful Zambian couple tied the knot before friends and family.

Clips from the Igbo-themed wedding ceremony circulating online show family and friends clad in a variety of Igbo attire.


A group of energetic groomsmen could also be seen in the . chanting the popular Igbo call-and-response greeting; Igbo Kwenu

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Igbo Kwenu is an Igbo greeting which when loosely translated means; greetings, Igbo I’m greeting you oo!

The greeting signifies a sense of communion, corporate existence and shared consciousness.


The groomsmen in their case slotted in the name of the groom in the greeting as he walked graciously with his pretty bride towards them.

“Izu Kwenu, kwenu!


Izu Kwenu, kwenu,” the groomsmen chanted in excitement.

With the groom identified as Izu, an Igbo name, it is assumed that he is an Igbo man.

Advertisement could not however confirm the true ethnicity of the groom as of the time of filing this report.

German woman makes ‘Ofe Akwu’ for her Nigerian husband

In other news, a German woman married to a Nigerian man has commended herself after she cooked a Nigerian dish, Ofe Akwu, for her husband for the first time.


Ofe Akwu, also known as Banga Soup or Palm nut soup, is a Nigerian delicacy native to the Niger Delta and the South Eastern parts of Nigeria.

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The German woman, who styles herself as “Baby Oku Germany” on Facebook, shared a post on Facebook with photos of the soup she made for her Enugu-born husband.

She also added that her husband was overwhelmed when he came home to the delicious Ofe Akwu she had prepared.


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