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In The Midst Of A Marital Conflict, Fuji Singer K1 And His Wife, Emmanuella Ropo, Make Their First Public Appearance (Video)



In the midst of a marital conflict, Fuji singer K1 and his wife, Emmanuella Ropo, make their first public appearance (Video)

There are no rumors of a breakup between K1 and his wife, Emmanuella Ropo Ayinde Marshall in the latest video they’ve put out together.


According to The9jafresh, Emmanuella and KWAM 1 were on the verge of divorcing when rumors spread that she had smacked him after an altercation.

An anonymous blogger said that Kwam1 slapped his wife Emmanuella Ropo following a disagreement with his wife, according to the statement.


All the charges were disproved by Kwam1 who characterized them as malicious, and called on the media to stop spreading them.

The statement read: “K1 DENIES REPORTS OF QUARRELLING WITH WIFE. Emmanuella Ropo Marshal


The attention of the K1 Organisation, has been drawn to a wild allegation making the rounds by a faceless blogger.

The said blogger had gone on the social media, to allege that Fuji king and Mayegun of Yorubaland, K1 de Ultimate had quarreled with his new wife Emmanuella Ropo Marshal and that the lady had even slapped the fuji king during the said altercation.


The faceless blogger had also alleged that Ropo Marshal follows the fuji maestro to his official engagements and distracts the fuji lord on such occasions.

Ordinarily, we would not have bothered to exchange words with this barefaced liar who chooses the holy month of Ramadan to tell hideous lies.


We merely want to state that at no time did the Mayegun quarrel with his wife Ropo to the extent of her raising her hands on him. We are shocked that such allegation can be thrown so casually.

We also state that Mrs. Emmanuella Ropo Marshal is very busy with her wifely duties than to follow the fuji lord to his official engagements. In the recent time, the only party she has attended with her husband was the one held in GRA Ikeja lagos when a top society buff who is a common friend of the couple celebrated his 60th birthday.


We make bold to say that this allegation is malicious and shudder even more that it could be peddled during Ramadan. Let the evil peddlers repent and seek the face of Allah for forgiveness.
Kunle Rasheed
Media Adviser
K1 Organisation

Since the news broke out, not much was heard and seen of the couple.


However, KWAM 1 and Emmanuella have proven that their marriage was intact and blossoming with their loved up video.

In the video, the Fuji singer could be seen dancing with his wife who was sitted beaming with smiles.

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Fuji singer K1, Fuji singer K1

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