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Is this spiritual attack: Nigerian lady scared as bird lays eggs on her corridor



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A Nigerian lady has cried out on social media after finding a bird that has been laying eggs on her power fuse.

The scared lady shared a . of the bird and expressed her fears about being under a spiritual attack.


In the ., which was posted on Instagram by @Instablog9ja, the lady described the bird as ‘strange’ as she recounted how she first saw the bird and thought it was just resting.

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However, one particular morning, she came outside her house and discovered that the bird was laying eggs at the top of her power fuse.

She lamented online about her safety, claiming that the bird didn’t fly away despite being filmed.


She narrated:

“Hey guys so for some time now, I have been noticing a bird on my fuse. If I come to on my generator, something will just be flying up and down. I was like what is this? Sometimes I will see the bird. I will just see it flying in my balcony. I will be like where is this thing coming from? God abeg o.

“This morning now, I just came to check something, and my eyes just landed on that place. Bird is hatching egg on my fuse. See how the bird is relaxed on my fuse. See me and bird o. Please what does this mean? Am I safe?”


View the post below:

Reacting to the ., netizens asked her to calm down as they claimed it was a normal occurrence.


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