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“It’s preferable to have a child with someone you don’t love,” Yvonne Nelson, an actress, adds. – Suga News



Nelson, a popular Ghanaian actress, has stated that having a child with someone you are not in love with is preferable.


In a recent interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, she stated this.

Having a child with someone with whom you have an emotional connection, she claims, is extremely difficult and exposes you to pain and suffering.


She also stated that if a person has a child with someone they are not in love with, they would not be emotionally affected if the person cheats on them since their connection will be like a friendship despite the fact that they share a child.

I feel like when you wanna have a kid, it should be with someone you are not in love with because the moment the so-called husband goes to cheat, you will catch feelings and start going mad”, she said.


The 36-year-old who has a daughter with her ex-partner, also revealed that she is ready to have a second child with any man who is capable and ready to take responsibility for the child.

She said the arrangement would be based on a mutual agreement and respect only, and she won’t have the child with someone she’s in love with.


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