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Kaffy Reveals Things She Wasn’t Enjoying In Her Marriage That She’s Enjoying Now



Kaffy reveals things she wasn’t enjoying in her marriage that she’s enjoying now

‘Kaffy’, a well-known Nigerian famous dancer, has spoken out about the aspects of her marriage she didn’t like but now does.


Kaffy, a 42-year-old popular Nigerian dancer, announced on Instagram in January 2022 that she and Joseph Ameh, a music director and percussionist, had broken up. On June 2, 2012, the couple tied the knot and began a family with their two children.

It was Kaffy’s goal to break up the marriage so that she and her ex could grow into the people they were meant to be because marriage is supposed to be an alignment of two people’s destiny, but hers didn’t work out that way.


While speaking with TVC news, Kaffy discussed the things she is enjoying now that she didn’t appreciate when she was married.

While married, she didn’t have the freedom to be herself, which she now enjoys more than anything. A few years after getting married, she claims to have learned all she should have learned before getting married.


When asked if her marriage was unstable, she replied, “It was because I didn’t grasp what marriage was all about.” As a result, her life has improved since she emerged from the ordeal.

Kaffy also remarked that she is learning to appreciate and value herself more.


She did say, however, that if she were given the chance to date again, she would do so provided that she and her new partner shared the same set of values and could communicate effectively.

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