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“Lions don’t give birth to goats” Iyabo Ojo says as she praises her daughter, Priscilla



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Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo is cheering on her daughter, Priscilla Ojo to keep ruling her world.

The proud mother of two shared photos from her daughter’s daring look to the Wakanda premiere.


Praising her, Iyabo noted how a Lion doesn’t give birth to goat.

Describing her as a lioness, she cheered on her to keep ruling her world.


“Lion no dey born goat.
@its.priscy rule your kingdom Lioness”.

Iyabo showers love on daughter

Mother of two, Iyabo Ojo had showered love on her daughter, Priscilla Ojo, over her newest achievement.

Recall that Iyabo Ojo had showered praise on her daughter following the launch of her new business to mark her 21st birthday.


Iyabo Ojo’s daughter launched her mini handbag collection during her exclusive birthday bash.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Iyabo Ojo congratulated her daughter, saying that God knows she’s super proud of her for being a young boss lady entrepreneur.


Iyabo Ojo urged her daughter to keep winning as God got her; she is always behind her.

Iyabo Ojo praises daughter Priscilla

In an update to it, Priscilla Ojo had released her collection for her brand.


Her joyous mum took to her Instagram page to pour encomium on her.

Describing her as her child, Iyabo Ojo made her know she was super proud of her and the strong young boss lady she was becoming.


Highlighting her qualities, Iyabo stated that her daughter is beautiful inside out, focused, hardworking, intelligent and creative.

She expressed her pride that her daughter took all her good sides and made it even better.


“My angel, I’m so super proud of the strong young Boss lady you’ve become Mary @its.priscy you’re beautiful in & out, focused, hardworking, intelligent with a deep creative mind… I’m glad you took all my good sides & made it even better…keep aspiring…keep raising..
Keep winning. Alice you”.


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