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“Living My Best Life” Actress Eniola Badmus Peppers Haters As She Goes On Vacation In Style



“Living my best life” Actress Eniola Badmus peppers haters as she goes on vacation in style

Many of Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus’ detractors and enemies are sure to lash out at her for dragging them into the controversy over her presidential preference.


The actress, according to The9jafresh, sparked a ruckus on Instagram after posting a photo of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his wife, Remi Tinubu, presidential hopeful.

Despite the uproar, Eniola Badmus continued to offer support for the pair.


She had captioned the photo with, “My people”.

Though, Eniola Badmus locked the comment section to avoid trollings.


Trust Nigerians to storm her next post with hateful comments.

Eniola Badmus who remains unbothered about their hate for her presidential choice of candidate shared a photo of her in a swimming pool.


She noted how she was living her best life.

Eniola Badmus advised her devoted fans to live their best live as people are watching”.


“They are watching….live your best life”.

Eniola Badmus was criticized by Ugezu Uzu for turning down the comment section on her pastor’s eulogy of Bola and Remi Tinubu, The9jafresh remembers.


Any celebrity who shuts off the comments part of their posts implies that they are not proud of their candidate, according to the seasoned filmmaker.

“Once they turn off the comment, it means they are not even proud of what they are posting. They are rooted into STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE and can do anything for money. Truth is… Nigerians know everything. When the time comes, they will turn on your tv and leave it for you permanent on MEMORIES OF STOMACH INFRASTRUCTURE CHANNEL. Una go hear am. @UGEZUJUGEZU WRITES,” he wrote.

Eniola Badmus peppers haters,Eniola Badmus peppers haters

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