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Lucy Natasha, a flamboyant Kenyan pastor, has joined the ‘How it all started vs how it’s going’ trend with some unusual throwback images.



Rev. Lucy Natasha, the popular flamboyant Kenyan preacher and founder of Empowerment Christian Church, uploaded a throwback photo of herself from when she first began her ministry.


She recently released side-by-side images of herself when she first started her ministry and how far she has gone on her Facebook page.

“Different Seasons, Same Person!” Preaching the Gospel was still done with the same zeal as it is now. Consistently serving Him. God has aided me. “I, The Lord, Will Make It Happen When The Time Is Right” Isaiah 60:22, she captioned the photo.


Rev. Lucy Natasha, the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, responded to the issue surrounding preachers’ purchasing of private aircraft by explaining why she purchased hers.

According to Rev. Lucy, the Kingdom of God requires money and speed in order to reach the contemporary generation. She also expressed her conviction that if Jesus were still preaching today, he would own a private plane.


The Kenyan Preacher also chastised individuals who make a big issue out of it when a pastor buys a private plane but ignore it when a politician does the same.

“I don’t know why people make it a big deal when a preacher gets a private jet and they don’t do the same when a politician does the same. The Kingdom of God needs money and speed if we are to reach out fully to this generation… I trust that if Jesus was preaching during these days, he would be using such facilities,” she said.


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