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Marrying an older partner, does age really matter



I believe that the reason for age basically to know how long we’ve been alive and not necessarily in comparison.


It’s in this part of the world we make age a basis for marrying I believe should not be a debate.

Age should not be a barrier to accomplishments but it should be a reminder in appreciation of how long you’ve been alive.


We throw tantrums to those who marry partners much older than and vice visa when we have little or no knowledge the mind of the creator for bringing the two together.

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There is a common belief that age should be a factor to be considered in any marriage, and this is evident in the backlashes that were targeted at Stan Nze and Regina Daniels in the past for marrying partners who are very much older than them.

Stan Nze recently got married to his partner a 42-year-old lady named Blessing Obasi, who is about 10 years older than him, and this didn’t go down well with some fans who didn’t waste time in criticizing him for taking such actions.


This was also the case of Regina Daniels; recall that when Regina Daniels newly married her husband Ned woke who is about 40 years older than her, many fans criticized both her and her mum. However, I’ll be discussing one important lesson that can be learned from the union of these two couples.

Age should not deter you from marrying the love of your life; someone who completes you and gives you peace.


One of the biggest mistakes people make in marriages is marrying attractive and young partners with who they are not emotionally connected. Many persons want to marry beautiful women or rich men without considering whether they are compatible together.

They discover later in the relationship that they are not meant for each other, and then, divorce steps in.


To this, it is better, just like Regina Daniels and Stan Nze, to marry your second half who would give you peace, comfort, understand you, and always be there for you, no matter the age of the person.

Recently, Regina Daniel’s Husband has been taking her on vacations around the world which is evidence of the love true love they have for each other despite many predictions in the past by some fans that the union will be short-lived.


The adorable couple, on several occasions, has proven to love and adore each other; they always look happy each time they are seen together.

Likewise in the case of Stan Nze, it is obvious, from the reasons he gave on why he married his wife which is that she is peaceful and lovely, that the couple will turn out to be very peaceful and adorable.


We need to learn that age is not a barrier to marriage; an elderly person who loves and cares for you is far better than an young person who will cause you pain and sorrow in your marriage.

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