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Ndiomu uncovers massive fraud in Presidential Amnesty scheme



No Administrator worth his calling will tolerate such mammoth malfeasance under his See adding that as a lawyer he would not condone such evil

The Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Major General Barry Tariye Ndiomu has said that the systemic fraud uncovered by the audit he initiated was the reason the agency decided to delist some ex-agitators from its database.


According to the Interim Administrator, the PAP as an organisation cannot be seen to condone fraudulent practices perpetrated by some ex-agitators and their collaborators in the agency.

He revealed that there were duplication of names in the database besides some individuals who have over the years changed their names multiple times with multiple or single BVN in order to defraud the programme.


He noted that there are situations whereby an individual was collecting the stipends meant for 10 to 33 persons every month.

He said the situation is so bad that it has become increasingly difficult for PAP to meet its obligations and commitments to its contractors and students on scholarship.


He noted that the forensic audit he initiated has also discovered that some delegates under training have been collecting both training allowances and the monthly stipends.

* Agitators

Ndiomu also disclosed that some beneficiaries who have undergone training and empowerment are still on the database receiving stipends instead of exiting from the programme.

He said also that some delegates on the bulk payment scheme are equally collecting the monthly stipends besides other forms of fraud in the system


According to him, no Administrator worth his calling will tolerate such mammoth malfeasance under his See adding that as a lawyer he would not condone such evil.

He assured those with clean records to contact the information centre of the agency for the needed correction.


He reiterated the fact that the on-going audit is not intended to witch-hunt any individual or group of persons but it instituted it to sanitize the system in the interest of the ex-agitators who have been short changed by their counterparts.

He appealed to the ex-agitators and other interest groups in the region to buy into his structured plan to redefine the programme and to ensure sanity and accountability in the amnesty Programme.


Very soon, he said, the ex-agitators will experience a new lease of life because of the innovations he is set to introduce in the days ahead, adding that the delegates will be architects of the destiny in the new system.


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