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Nigeria Musicians Who Influenced Fraudulent Music To The Industry – Suga News




The introduction of music that glorifies fraud started from Nkem Owoh (Oyibo man, I go chop your dollar). Olu Maintain‘s came hit single; Yahooze, is also noteworthy under this category. Another old song that fits under this category is Kelly Handsome‘s “Maga Don Pay“.


Fast forward from the old times to present time, we have seen new school musicians make songs that glorify fraud, scams, yahoo, and we can not undermine the negative impacts of these songs on the youths. Regarding this, music lover and enthusiast, KingOG wrote about 5 Nigerian musicians whose songs have influenced Internet scam music among the youths.

See list below;



Baddo as he is fondly called is one of the new School musicians who brought back “street song” (yahoo music) to the scene in nigeria. After standing firm he created his own label Y.B.N.L when asked what was the meaning he said yahoo boy no laptop. although it’s a cool slang and yes it’s possible to access yahoo with no laptop.. that means he does his With a mobile phone lol. even though I give it to him, dude doesnt really come out to sing about fraud in some of his lyrics like his other business partners do.. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t associate with them….. the latest I heard was… loading.. poco lee ft olamide.



9ice’ hit track, Living things brought him back to relevance after a long hiatus from major stage despite releasing albums and music.


9ice’s single “Living Things” is one of the major songs that drives the point to glorifying fraud in the industry.

Although, the singer denied glorifying fraud. He said he was only trying to paint a story of individuals going about their daily duties and dutifully earning their pay.


Naira Marley

The feud he had with efcc along with his twin brother zlanta still in the news media, just like so many upcoming musicians they felt singing about fraud and scams and updates will give them quick fame and publicity according to them that’s what the street wants. his landed him into big problem with the economic financial commission in nigeria. it was reported in the media not only did he sing fraudulent songs but some stollen credit cards were found on his personal laptop while been investigated.


Bella Shmurda

Sho ni CC, Load am cash app
O ni maga bill am
Small money ball out
Usain bolt run am
You get sure client
Lock am
If you no get money leave am
Efcc n’bo japa


Like so many american musicians who sings about drugs peddling, murdering and scams the law got no holds on them except they are strong evidence same laws applies here in nigeria… because they can say it’s just songs.. bella is an upcoming talented musician with a stylish voice endorsed by olamide, wizkid and several top musicians but why do fraud influenced songs almost all the time is what I don’t like about him.



Who else we saving the number one spot for? if not the warri born breed….area to the world..who thought he could blew more by singing about fraudulent music… almost all albums he dropped recently were all packed with Internet fraud lyrics that you find in all the youths phone today.he doesn’t hide it at all, alot of people take his songs motivation to hustle more…buh scamming can never be a good thing.. sometimes I weep thinking about the future of our youths but I do pray it gets better.

Note: this is not to discredit this musicians they are good and talented…but scamming your fellow human being should never be an option.


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