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Nigerian man in pain after seeing another guy sneaking out of his girlfriend’s house



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A Nigerian man was left heartbroken after he caught another man sneaking out of his girlfriend’s house.

In chats shared via Twitter, the young man narrated to his friend that he had gone to pay a surprise visit to his girlfriend.


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However, on getting there, he knocked for a while with no response. He decided to go through the back door, where he jumped into a guy sneaking out of the house.


“Guy, I am in tears. I’m pained,” he narrated. “I went to my babe’s place this morning. Make I just go do surprise visit. When I knocked on the door I wasn’t getting any response. I thought she was still asleep. So I decided to knock through the back door. “Omoo I saw this guy sneaking out through the back door. I was heartbroken instantly. Tears rolled down my eyes. I almost had an accident while I was driving back home.”

His friend asked cheekily if he’d called the girl to ask who it was, suggesting that it might be her plumber or some other handyman. Social media users have penned down consolation messages to the young dude with many advising him to move on.


Heartbroken man mobilizes friends to empty girlfriend’s pharmaceutical store after he caught her cheating

The young man above might have taken his hurt silently, but it wasn’t the same with another who gathered his friends to clear his girlfriend’s pharmaceutical store of all its content after he realised she was double dating.


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A friend who shared details about the incident said the unnamed guy had invested so much in his girlfriend, including opening the pharmaceutical store for her.


The heartbroken fellow could be seen in the clip with a few of his friends packing items in the pharmaceutical store into a black thrash bag.


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