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One top actress and a Yoruba actor living abroad are being Gistlover- Yomi Fabiyi alleged



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Nigerian actor, Yomi Fabiyi, has made allegations that one top actress and a Yoruba actor living abroad are behind the popular faceless blogger, Gistlover.

Gistlover is a popular faceless blogger who has gained a reputation for providing exclusive and insider information about the Nigerian entertainment industry. However, the blogger has been criticized for spreading rumors and false information about people in the industry.


According to Yomi Fabiyi, these individuals are using the platform to spread false information and rumors about people in the entertainment industry, including himself.

Read what he said below:


Na one top actress wey wants fans love by agidi, by tulasi and fake life in conjunction with other diaspora actress(es) and one Yoruba actor with a hypnotized fan living aboard as part of the syndicate operates this criminal blog called Gistlover.

They discharge their kind of journalism by violating people’s rights calling ti blogging. Pure criminals. It is even worse as it publish in secrecy. It has become a tool of oppression and can’t be held accountable. The law enforcement in Nigeria is a mess allowing such thrive this long.


You and your SYNDICATE will soon meet your WATERLOO. Nothing that has beginning, that won’t have an end.

You all need to climb high enough before KARMA sets in. Then all the evil and wickedness you all have been doing, hiding behind the anonymous blog will throw open. You all in that circle will be thrown naked. NIGERIANS DON’T ACCEPT ANY SUDDEN DISCLAIMER OR DISTANCE OF ANY CELEBRITY FROM A FAN. They are hoodwinking and initiating one Kazeem gradually, he will think it is prominence.


The intellectual and intelligent ones know the likely people behind the blog but fear and cowardice makes them align or flow along. That is how they think they can enrich themselves, be the most loved and fool the folks on social media as the most loved and controversy free.

Such blogs will definitely have supporters, we live in a terrible world. E-witchcrafts everywhere. E continue.


A fi fila perin, ojo kan loun niyi moo. YOU ARE NEARING THAT MOMENT, DON’T GO DOWN ALONE, DRAG YOUR CLOWNS ALONG. Adabi o ja ju epe.


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