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Paul Okoye Says ‘Men Don’t Care About Love’



Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye, one half of the renowned twin duo, P Square has explained in an Instagram post that most men simply want to make money and not necessarily find love.


The musician who is also known as Rude Boy stated that men don’t care if one loves them or not.

According to Paul, all men care about is making money and having peace.


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Here is what he stated;


A man just wants to make money and have peace…” Okoye wrote on his Instagram stories.

He continued, “He doesn’t care whether you love him or not. Before going to bed he thinks, calculates, etc. Wakes up in the morning, strategize on how to achieve at end of the day.


No time,” he wrote at the concluding part of his post.

paul okoye’s statement on Instagram

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It would be recalled that Paul Okoye is having a rocky marriage as his wife, Anita Okoye has filed for a divorce stating that the singer was cheating on her with one of their maids who was identified as Florence.


In the court petition, it was stated that Paul sent his wife packing out of his house to ‘clip her wings”, which suggests that the couple are not living together, as it was not also stated if Anita returned home.

Anita is a business entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where she lives with her kids.


In September 2021, amid his divorce controversy, the singer visited his wife and children in the U.S.

The petition also stated that Paul sent his wife packing, and she had no one else to lean on.


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