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Premium breakfast – Nigerian man in disbelief after his wife divorces him after he sold his properties to send her abroad



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Truly truly, las las na everybody go chop breakfast. A Nigerian lady identified as Debbie shared the story of her brother’s friend whose wife left him after he sold his properties and sent her abroad.

The lady revealed that after getting married earlier this year, the couple planned to relocate abroad. In order to pay for their relocation, the man sold most of his properties and decided to save it the money in his wife’s account.

Man in disbelief as his wife divorces him after he sells his properties to send her abroad

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They agreed that his wife would travel to the UK first before the husband followed suit. Unfortunately, after the lady arrived in the UK, she filed for divorce. The man was taken aback by his wife’s decision and informed her mother.


It was to his greatest surprise that the mother supported her daughter and said that she would’ve never supported their relationship if she knew he was a mechanic.

According to, lady’s post read:


”It’s really unfair.. a lady who got married to my friends brother early this year, don’t know what their agreement was (Husband & wife) but after the wedding, he sold most of his property so he & he wife could relocate to the UK, the whole money that was realized was kept in the Wife’s account, & they agreed she travelled First & the husband will join her later.”

“Madam got there & filed for divorce, not getting the point, husband called mother in-law & all she had to say was ” if I knew u were a mechanic I wouldn’t allow my daughter marry u..”


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Double Portion Breakfast: Nigerian Lady Who Took 5 Months To Accept Her Man In Shock When He Gets Married 2 Days After Her Visit

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has narrated how she was served breakfast in quick succession by two different men.


The lady, who goes by @braun_skeen on Twitter, shared the story in response to comedienne and skit maker @_Taaooma‘s question, “How did they serve you breakfast?

According to her, the man approached her to date her, but she had to take her time to consider him, as she had just gotten out of one relationship.


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