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Pretty Nigerian lady who lived on N40k salary buys herself properties, house for her mum in 4years



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A young Nigerian lady has shared her inspiring grass to grace story in a space of 4years. 

Identified as @merrygoldonunwa on TikTok, she narrated in a . how she hustled to sponsor herself through university.


According to Merrygold, she lived in a one room apartment in the trenches part of Lagos and had to work for her friend in her skincare brand.

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She switched jobs after working as a manager for one year with her friend on a N40k salary.

Her second job, she explained was with another skincare brand but based on commission.


Merrygold said all of her hustle has paid off as she is a proud owner of several properties after buying her mum a house and buying her own shop in Lekki.

She claimed she achieved all these without the help of a man.


Her claims have been questioned by users who stumbled on her videos

Many of the users suggest she might have been bankrolled by a man while others simply congratulated her for achieving such.


Lady celebrates her mum who hawks dry fish

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady celebrated her mother in a cute . of herself and the mother, hawking which attracted the attention of social media users.


The lady said she decided to follow her mother to work and showered her with praises. She expressed her love for her mother as she flaunted her as a hardworking woman.

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The . reposted by @saintavenue_ent1 had wording which read: “I love my mom so much, she is so hardworking and industrious. I followed her to hawk her business today.”

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