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Rainy Season Work Style Tips For The Career Woman




The rainy season is here in full gear and this is the time where every lady has to be conscious of their outfit so as to stay warm and stylish.

Asides having a shower cap, umbrella and jelly shoes handy your whole wardrobe also needs to coordinate with the weather and office dress code.


The Rainy Season Is Here and These 7 Items Are A Must-Have For Every Lady

From fashionable and waterproof outerwear to shoes that are a bit more rain-friendly, these are the tips, tricks, and outfit ideas you need to get through the rainy season in style.


1. Invest in cropped pants

Rainy season is the best time to rock your cropped pants. It is advisable that you keep your trousers on the short end on rainy days. This is because they won’t drag on the wet ground and require little thought when you’re jumping over puddles on your way to the office.



They’re also available in different styles from slim pixie pants to wide-leg culottes and ankle cropped trousers. You’ll definitely be classy and chic irrespective of the weather.

2. Wear Dark Colors

Dark colours tend to hide spots and stains better than light colours, and they’re less transparent when they get wet. The most important piece to choose in a dark colour is trousers.


3. Invest in a jelly bag

Asides getting rubber shoes, invest in a jelly bag as well and put your leather bags away for some time. Jelly bags are as stylish as your leather bags and are equally available in different designs. If jelly bags are not for you patent leather bags are another great option.

4. Bring out your blazers

You probably have been storing your blazers away during the dry season yet now that the weather is colder this is the best time to bring those blazers out. You can opt for bright coloured blazers so as not to look dull and gloomy all the time.


5. Long-sleeved shirts

If you’re one who opts for camisoles and short-sleeved shirts this is a great time to give your long-sleeved shirts a shot. Pair them with a sleeveless jacket for a more corporate feel.

6. Midi skirts are great for the season

Give your wide leg pants a break. and bring out those midi skirts. They help to keep you warm and still maintain a formal yet stylish appearance.


7. A dress also comes in handy

The rainy season is also the perfect time to rock a dress. Opt for corporate style dresses. Maxi dresses and bodycon dresses should be avoided.



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