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Read this before getting your nose pierced 



Plan to get your nose pierced? Make sure it’s done medically safe and you know how to care for the piercing after you get it.

Nose piercing has risks. Your nose is in what doctors call the danger triangle of your face. That’s the area between your eyebrows and upper lip. Veins in this area are connected to your sinus cavity. Any procedure on this part of your face could cause a serious infection.

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1. Infection

Piercing your nose can lead to a serious infection that can develop into other complications. An infection occurs when the materials used in piercing are not sterilized. Bacteria that line the inside of your nose can cause an infection. And viruses like HIV, hepatitis B or C, or tetanus from poorly sterilized equipment could get into your bloodstream.

It is important to ensure that the person piercing your nose observes safety measures by sterilizing the items. Thereafter, you should ensure that the jewelry themselves are free from microorganisms that can pose risk to your health.


Nerve damage

Unless the jewelry is placed by a professional, it is really easy to damage the delicate nerves in the nose while trying to add a piercing.

The art of piercing can’t be done by just any person; it should be administered by an experienced individual. When the piercing has gone bad, it will result in a damaged nerve, causing the nose to lose sensitivity. The whole point is: let a piercing professional do the piercing.


Risk of Hepatitis;

There isn’t a single piercing that doesn’t come with a slight risk of contracting hepatitis from either the needle or piercing gun.

The proper sterile technique can reduce the risk of hepatitis to almost zero, but there’s always a chance your particular salon skimped a crucial step somewhere that day.

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Ladies, 6 places in the body to apply perfume 



Good fragrance is the key to having a positive atmosphere around and keeping your mood enlightened.

Most people may not realize the importance of investing in a good perfume or may regard it as a waste of money, yet they have no idea what a good fragrance does. It boosts one’s confidence and improves one’s mood by bringing back happy memories. It also makes us appear more attractive. It gives a person a distinct personality and distinguishes them from the crowd.

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Perfumes can make you appear more manly, feminine, sophisticated, or appealing depending on how they smell.

They have therapeutic benefits and help us in releasing stress hormones out of the body and helps in relaxing our mind and body acting as an aphrodisiac.

Many perfumes can work as aromatherapy. Odors of winter spices, citrus, flowers and others can relax you and lower your level of stress. It comes as no surprise that a good fragrance can ward off body odor and sometimes also enhance your natural body odors.

Anything used in moderation is beneficial and so to be the best, use the best fragrance that suits your personality.

Its nothing new that most times, we are focused on our wrists, ears and neck while applying perfume. Although you may not have been doing it wrong, but you might have been missing some key spots. So today we will help guide you on how to use your perfume effectively.


1.Your hair

One of the best place to spritz perfume is your hair. The hair strands holds fragrance well and leave a trail of scent as you move from place to place.


2. Inside your elbow

We don’t need to be told that these hidden spots emit heat, which helps fragrance develop faster. Most people focus only on their clothes, however, the inside of the elbows is also a hot spot to roll on perfume.


3. Behind your ears

Like your wrists, the areas behind your ears are considered “pulse points,” where the veins are closest to the skin, thus generating more heat and amplifying your scent. Dabbing your fragrance on these points will give you more immediate results.


4. Inside your belly button

Your navel is useful for more than just belly piercings. Dab a few drops of perfume on the spot mostly when you are wearing a crop top.


5. Behind your knee

The soft area behind your knees is another one of those pulse points perfect for perfume. Throughout the day the scent will kick up as you cross your legs and move around.


6. On your clothes

Applying your scent on your body before putting on your clothes is great so that the fragrance can absorb into your skin. The typical places to spritz scent all fall under this category: the neck, wrists, cleavage. However, spritzing your clothes with fragrance can help achieve a longer lasting scent, too.


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8 Ways to naturally remove dark spots from your face



Dark spots can mar a lady’s facial appearance, as well as make her unattractive.

Dark spots, patches and other marks on the face may be due to excess secretion of melanin on the skin. These guidelines could be of help on how to get rid of dark spots.

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Useful Tips

Mix milk and honey and apply the solution to your dark spots, leaving it on for 10 minutes and wash it off.

Apply lemon juice on your face, leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off.

You can also mix Aloe Vera gel with honey, apply on your face and wash it off after few minutes.

Take Vitamin E capsules; break them and apply the powder on the affected area.

Eat fruits rich in Vitamin C to help reduce the dark spots or patches.

Yogurt helps to lighten naturally. Apply plain yogurt directly on the dark spot and let it to dry for 20 minutes and then wash it with cold water.

Papaya contains certain enzymes that help you in getting rid of skin blemishes, age spots, and acne. Apply it on the affected part and rinse after 20 minutes.

Drink adequate water to flush out toxins.

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