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See photos of Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie and Hubby in stunning cultural outfit



Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie is taking the lead in showcasing the rich Edo culture, the most respected in the country.


Mercy Johnson is a celebrity that values fashion. She recently made a unique native display with her hubby, as they slayed in a traditional attire, which I will explain the culture that inspired their recent fashion sense, and how they perfect the native dressing.

Mercy Johnson and her husband, portrayed an Edo Culture. They both perfectly rocked a Bini/Edo traditional outfit.


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The Edo people are known to maintain unique way of dressing, and their true passion of dressing for both men and women, are coral bead accessories which also includes anklets, and bangles.


The above appearance of Mercy Johnson and her husband, is a pure Edo traditional attire, which is a perfect native dressing code for weddings and traditional ceremonies, in the Edo land.

The husband wore an inner white dress, and also rocked a nice coloured wrapper over the shirt he is wearing, which is held firmly on his left shoulder.


His choice of colour was perfect, as it compliments his skin tone, and he also wore a black shoe which played a great role in perfecting his appearance. His beads colour also has a perfect match to his wrapper, which made him look great/stunning.

Mercy Johnson wore a red classy off shoulder gown, coupled with the coral beads known as Okuku, carefully fixed into her hair, which perfectly portrayed an Edo woman dress style.


Her outfit colour perfects her skin tone, and offered her a bright appearance, making her look captivating to sights. She really glowed in appearance, as her dress perfects the colour of the beads she wore.

She perfectly used the colourful coral beads which is traditional identified by the Edos as Ivie-uru, to beautify her necks, and also wore Ivie-obo to beautify her hands and a well beaded earrings.


Mercy Johnson gave a sweet and inspiring Edo appearance. Both couple wore nice beads, which is known as the main dress accessories of the Edo people.

Every Edo born can get inspired, with the recent fashion sense of Mercy Johnson and her hubby, as they perfectly portrayed Edo Culture.


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